How do I become a bookie?

Gamblers will always find something to bet on, no matter when or where, and the bookies will line up to take their action. So, how does one become a bookie?

Keep in mind that this is a business and like with any business, it’s all about building a solid customer base. But keep in mind that not every customer is good for your business and not always the customer is right.

Being a bookie is a lucrative business

After all, what bar wants a Friday night regular who orders one cocktail and sits at the bar complaining about his day and watching the gold channel? A bar wants the high-end client that watches the football games with his friends, ordering round after round of beers.

Of course as a bookie you’d get a couple of these cocktail drinkers. But the focus should be on the beer drinkers watching more than one TV, they will keep drinking and complain less.

You want to add solid customers, not only to expand, but to replace the bad debt ones. Understand that a customer that plays $100 a game, will lose $3000 – $4000 over the course of any season. Multiply $3000 x 200 (a little better than average customer base), that’s $600,000 in your pocket over the course of any season.

The cocktail drinker usually keeps to himself, while the beer drinkers tend to talk to their bodies about your business. Understand that and treat your customers with respect and pay them on a timely fashion.

Your best customers will spread the word and you need to treat them right. In the end, it’s all about word of mouth.

Where do I find my customers?

The golf course is a great place to meet fellow gamblers and build up a clientele. Golfers love to gamble.

If you don’t know any golf clubs, the clerk at any golf store should be able to provide you the names of several private clubs you can join.

Most clubs have rules that you must be sponsored by a member, but some don’t. Look for one that has a $1000 membership or so and join. You can also become friends with the caddies, they usually know which golfers gamble and could introduce you to them.

Being a member of the club will allow you to meet the other members, and  most of then will enjoy a wager from time to time.

Always be discreet about how you make your living, but you can make a business call from the cart to get the conversation started.

Sports bars are another great place for bookies to build up their clientele. Select a few bars around your city and become a regular, not an alcoholic (try to stay away from the alcohol, after all you are working).

Look for the real bars, where you can’t see a thing until our eyes adjust, the ones with one TV over the bar and one by the pool tables.

You will get a few more customers once you find these establishments.  Yell at a player for making a point when their team is winning, the gamblers in the joint will bring up the topic. Pretty soon you’ll have to visit the bar on settle day.


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