The concept of Pay Per Head or Price Per Head (PPH) can seem a little  complicated to some people at first. But is as simple as having an onshore bookmaker supplying the services of an offshore post-up sportsbook. The service is completely anonymous and through an internet-based sports betting software system.


By joining an online Price Per Head you would be able to compete with the major offshore sportsbooks. As a bookie using a PPH company like PERHEADBET you would be using the company’s software and services as if they were your own.

Thus, for a small weekly fee, you are able to compete with the world’s largest sportsbooks. No answering phone calls for wagers or customer service without owning a call center. Because the Pay Per Head company provides these services to you at a much lower rate than booking on your own.

You might be asking yourself what happens after getting involved with a PPH service. How do I manage my business on a daily basis?

Well, here are just a few advantages:

  • Instead of taking bets yourself, you will now send your players to a website to do their betting online, or to call the PPH’s call center.
  • Your customers will find betting a lot easier since they now have 24/7 access to wagering, client services and technical support.
  • Betting options are not limited to sports anymore, but also include horse racing and live casinos.
  • Once a week you login to your agent account to download a report that will tell you whether to pay or collect each of your customers.

Because of its ease of use, the Price Per Head concept has rapidly grow in popularity.

By using our Price Per Head service to outsource your business, you will provide more value to your clients than working on your own.

We do the work, you check your weekly report to pay and collect accordingly.

All for a small weekly fee for each active customers that week.

Since you won’t have to track plays or answer calls anymore, you can spend more time finding new clients instead.

Many so-called bookies assume that beating the clients they already have is the trick to making a lot of money as a bookie.

But while you can make money this way, it is more effective to provide more value to them, whom in time will find new clients for your business.

With our PERHEADBET the game is on your side, so as long as you can find new clients, the money will come in.

The real advantage to using our Price Per Head service is that you will now be able to devote time to finding new clients.

Using PERHEADBET is different from the old revenue-splitting method (where you’d split winnings or losses with the offshore sportsbook.)

Joining PERHEADBET you’ll have (to name a few):

  • Greater earning potential.
  • Better service for your clients.
  • Improved client-recruiting capability, and much more.

You get more than twice the value, your clients get the offshore sports betting experience they look for.

Unlike the old way, there is no revenue splitting with the credit sportsbook. What this means is that if the player wins, the agency will absorb half of the loss (with the bookie absorbing the other half), and if he loses, the agency will take half of the winnings, leaving the other half for the bookie.

For example, if a bookie has a client that loses $5000 in one week, there are two different scenarios:

  • With our PERHEADBET service all you have to pay is the small weekly service fee.
  • With the revenue-splitting method, you have to pay $2500 of your earnings to the other party.

So, by using the old revenue splitting service with a credit sportsbook, even when you win, you lose half of your earnings.

The only time the revenue-split model is appropriate is if you are booking more than what you can afford.

So, if you are a real risk-taker, a credit sportsbook might seem like the better choice. But, it is simple foolishness to book more than you can afford to pay.

With the Price Per Head market growing so quickly, it may be hard to decide which company to use.

What to look for when choosing a Price Per Head Service?

Some important things to look at when deciding on a company include:

  • The number of years it has been in business.
  • The licensing and legality of its location.
  • Its reputation.
  • The offerings and services it provides.
  • Its security of the information you provide.

When a company has a check mark beside each of those requirements, you can trust that they will provide you with a great way to maximize your earning potential.

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